Hershey 2014 was one of the best yet

Attending the Hershey AACA meet in early October, it was interesting to see many beautifully restored vehicles with cracked, tired steering wheels. It amazes me that something so visible doesn't get enough respect! Send me your wheels, guys -- I'll make them perfect! :) There were a few electric cars--tillers, no steering wheels!

Even with threatening weather, it was the show of shows! My first Hershey was 1961. It was a small fraction of what it is today. Bill Harrah would fly in and land on the strip, don his white coveralls and rummage the flea market for parts with the rest of us. Great memories......

Here's a few new memories from Hershey '14:

No More Rain!

A '56 Crown Imperial searching for a new home. I had one of these -- a magnificent automobile. Challenging wheel to restore!

The Hotel Hershey -- too beautiful for words.

Just before the rain came. Mercifully, it didn't last too long.

Ever have a homemade Italian pretzel? Tarrali are an annual Hershey tradition for us. If you see me there, don't ask--my son guards them like the crown jewels!

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