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Restoration Process & Pricing

Steering Wheel Restoration Process

Getting your steering wheel perfect is an exacting process that Bob follows to the tee:


When we receive your wheel, we'll make a full assessment of the condition, specific color needs, and project cost. As a passionate car hobbyist himself, Bob's assessment is done from the owner's perspective, and he will communicate with you to understand your restoration goals. 



  • Your wheel is sanded down to the base material (removing any applications of paint or filler material from earlier restorations).

  • All cracks are cut out by hand and prepared for filling. 

  • Deteriorated and dried out material is removed and stablilized with a special liquid polymer.This highly viscous mixture penetrates deep into the wheel and creates a new matrix, completely binding existing material.  It's as tough as nails, non-reactive, and doesn't get brittle.  




  • All cracks and non-factory imperfections are epoxy-filled.

  • Deeper cracks, cracks in stress areas, or cracks that are otherwise prone to flex (thus risk reappearing) are structurally reinforced.




  • Worn finger grips, raised ridges, surface grooves, molded accents, etc. are restored and shaped to original dimensions (size, depth, length, width)**

  • Wheel is progressively sanded to 320 grit.

  • Surface is thoroughly checked for cosmetic imperfections and addressed.

  • Surface is progressively sanded to 600 grit.

*Do you have special ideas for your Custom or Rod? Or maybe historical accuracy is not an issue for your weekend driver? Bob can accommodate.



  • Wheel surface is thoroughly rechecked; any cosmetic imperfections are addressed as above.

  • Primer is specially applied to ensure no reaction will take place between wheel's plastics and paint (which leads to swelling)..



  • Multiple coats are applied in a walk-in spray booth specially-designed for steering wheels and small parts.

  • We use computer-matched colors in acrylic enamel with hardener.  


Thoughts About Base Coat/Clear Coat... 


Base Coat/Clear Coat is used only upon request. A long-standing concern is that your wheel looks beautiful until your watch or ring chips the clear and the base peeks its nose out. Additionally, many BC/CC applications look "dipped in oil." This might be perfect for your Custom or Rod, but for period restorations Acrylic Enamel combines an authentic level of shine and depth with outstanding durability.

packaging and shipping
  • Every piece is thoroughly inspected by Bob.  Nothing leaves the shop without being declared "Perfect."

  • Bob contacts you to review the project and lets you know when to expect your wheel.

  • Your wheel is securely packaged, insured, and shipped with a tracking code. 

Pricing for Steering Wheel Restoration
  • A "just paint" restoration starts at $750.

  • The typical starting price for a simple restoration is around $800. This generally denotes a wheel with fewer cracks and without complex trim rings or other features that require more detailed restoration work. 

  • A wheel with multiple cracks, severe checking or deterioration, and/or a partially exposed core will usually run between $800-$950.

  • A wheel that has to be reconstructed (large pieces missing, damaged core, etc.) starts at $900.    

  • Downsized and grafted wheels start at $1,650. 

  • Shipping is not included in the above prices, but even with insurance is usually about $75.

  • As a veteran, Bob is proud to extend a discount to Military & Law Enforcement

Again, Bob talks to every customer about the level of work needed, and budget and goals are always the most critical part of the conversation. Contact Bob below or call him at (609) 483-2642 (8AM-5PM EST) to talk it through.

*All prices are in USD

Contact Bob

Thanks! We'll be in touch very soon.

Other Contact Methods: 

  • You can call +1-609-483-2642 (8AM-5PM EST)

  • Or email Bob directly:

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